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be the drop in the bucket 

My chest tightens and I feel a deep sense of sadness, frustration, hopelessness when I make the mistake of clicking on a comment section as I scroll through my social media feed.  The sort of anger, hatred, cemented opinions that average people from all walks of life are posting–it shocks me.  People I know and love participate in these, like and share inflammatory posts.  

I see a lot of comments online that are anti-feminist or anti-Muslim, or both.  I wish I could sit and have a calm conversation with someone who feels differently than I do.  I wish I could explain that the very heart of feminism is simply equality.  Just as there are different types of anything (Christians, Republicans, Liberals, cats, dogs, etc.!) there are different types of feminists.  True feminism is belief in female equality.  It is not belief in a political party, it is not love of one politician over another, it is not hatred of men.  I am preaching to a choir, I know.  I won’t even get into the anti-Muslim rhetoric, because if you’ve read this far I am assuming you already feel the same as me.  If you don’t, I welcome peaceful discussion (face-to-face or something other than a comment, this is deep stuff!).  

Last night I was racking my brain, trying to figure out where to put my anxiety over the amount of negative and fear-filled energy out there. I decided to use some of my tax return to donate to an organization that really represents peace, aid and love.

If you are looking for a way to get involved in helping refugees, women in crisis, and improving relationships between Christians and Muslims, I highly recommend looking into the Preemptive Love Coalition.  

For me this transcends who is in the White House, it transcends America altogether.  It’s about aiding fellow human citizens in need, and promoting peace.  I may be limited to my little neighborhood and my tiny charge (who is currently somehow in hour three of an epic morning nap) but I am still that girl who dreams of world peace, and knows that sensitivity is not shameful.  To anyone who feels a similar anxiety, don’t feel disheartened!  Channel your love, through whatever peaceful acts you can manage.  


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