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I love Instagram for many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons I love it is the oh-so-vast community of mothers finding creative and positive ways to curate their parenting journeys.

We all know the truth about parenting:  it is stale Cheerios, rotten bottles, ear-splitting yells, drooly kisses and seemingly endless afternoons of waiting for bedtime.  This is all true, and also not very interesting.

Enter the Instagram mothers, those intrepid women who are panning for gold and sharing their precious nuggets with the world in the form of beautifully lit flat lays, sparkling minimalist kitchens and gorgeous baby-in-nature shots.  While some folks might be bothered by these seemingly impossible visions, I love them. 

Instagram can be an aspirational tool, a reminder of the beauty that can be captured in even the most average day.  Taking the time to focus on one’s own theme or narrative can be rewarding–your life does have a theme, and your moments are meaningful.  For many stay-at-home parents, this is something that we need to be reminded of, over and over.

I wanted to share a few of my favorite Instagram mamas today, and hope you can enjoy their lovely feeds as well!  

Jenny Tamas / @gypsynspice

Jenny is a new mother who has gained many followers due to her series of portraits done in the tub.  Surrounded by varying varieties of flowers and leaves, Jenny is both vulnerable and powerful as viewers are witness to her pregnancy and postpartum body.  She is open about her struggles and challenges as a fresh mother, and captures the many facets of becoming Mama.

Jade Sutor / @thedarlings_

Jade is the queen of rosy young motherhood.  She has an immaculate little home decorated with dried flowers and cozy textiles, and does a marvelous job documenting all the tiny milestones occurring in the lives of her two little girls.  


This little family is all about desert exploration.  It is amazing as it sounds.  Their neutral-toned, earthy aesthetic is totally swoonworthy, they are all about Joshua Tree and their little daughter is named Prairie.  Need I say more?

Hannah Carpenter / @hannahacarpenter

I love Hannah’s account due to the way she captures the adorably goofy interactions her kids have.  It reminds me of my own childhood…if I had grown up Southern and homeschooled in a gorgeous home with a porch.  Hannah’s kids are always wearing the sweetest getups with the right pinch of 1930s style.  This is a fun family.

Danielle Aceino / @missverse

This family is so sweet and and loving, and Danielle does a beautiful job of capturing their days.  She is a gentle mother, and her little boys are so adorable.  I also like that they live in an apartment, and not some meticulously curated home.  

Lucy Knisley / @lucyknisley

Lucy is a talented artist and posts incredibly relatable comics about raising her little baby boy.  New moms will absolutely understand and empathize.

Rachel / @dear_franny

Rachel and Franny are a mama-daughter duo that really remind me of myself and Felix.  Rachel is able to beautifully capture her daily journey parenting her little girl, culling peace and positivity during even the most difficult times.  It is really inspiring, and her emphasis on gentle parenting is rare and admirable.

Sherri DuPree-Bemis / @sdupreebemis

Sherri is in a band and raising two spirited little girls.  So…follow if you’re ready for a delightful mashup of tour buses, pink and purple, Trolls dolls, pastel-dyed hair, honest mama moments, kinetic sand and lots of music.

Kristen Mittler / @oldjoy

Gorgeous fam with amazing home decor.  I love the narrative Kristen puts out there, and her Instagram stories are primo.

Karla Jean Davis / @mintkarla

I follow Karla because she dresses and photographs her daughters in the most colorful, adorable vintage outfits.  Too fun!

Eva Chen / @evachen212 

Eva reveals an odd little secret: high fashion and motherhood can coexist, but its more like oil and water. Together but separate. She is so down-to-earth, dealing with incredibly normal mom issues…and then jetting off to fashion shows, or sharing her beauty routine.  

Who inspires you?


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