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my january favorites

Finally, February!  January felt unpleasant, especially after such a cozy holiday season.  Here in Buffalo, drizzly days ruled the month and I spent most of my time cooped up inside our tiny apartment.  I thought I’d share some small things that made this month a bit nicer.  I don’t know if I will do a list like this every month, do I use enough new things?  Probably not.  For now, here are my January faves:

I should also mention, these are my own personal opinions and I am not sponsored or receiving anything for writing this.

Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich

My friends already know that I’m a Glossier nerd, but with good reason!  I’ve tried basically every drugstore skin regimen out there, as well as some higher end stuff too in an attempt to calm my finicky skin.  Glossier has been the best bang for my buck.  I already use their cleanser and priming moisturizer daily.  I was really excited to try their new, thicker face cream.  Ah, it is so lovely!  It smells like just the right amount of lavender (calming, but not Grandma) and my skin is so soft–no flakes or dry patches!  This brand is great for young mamas who care about skin and beauty, but are maybe adjusting to a new life with less time for full faces or lengthy routines.  If you haven’t tried Glossier before, you can use this link and you’ll get 20% off your first order.  

 Sposie Booster Pads

Mamas of night nursers: these are game changing!  We have no more overnight leaks thanks to these inexpensive little diaper inserts.  During the day, I try to use cloth diapers when I’m able.  At night, however, it just isn’t feasible.  We were struggling with night leakage for months, to the point where I was waking myself up to preemptively change the baby in the middle of the night to avoid a wet bed and a soaked babe.  I add a booster pad to his bedtime diaper and he is typically good for the entire night.  Magical!  Now, if he would just sleep through the night…

Queen Helene Mud Pack Masque

I love masks.  They are affordable luxuries that make you feel like you are treating yourself well, even if you’ve had a crappy day and have only 5 minutes to spare.  I have a good selection right now, yet I keep picking this super cheap, seemingly simple mask from Queen Helene.  I grew up using the classic Mint Julep mask, but I am really liking this Mud Pack version much better.  No stinging mint, just a really pleasant tightening sensation.  My skin feels so refreshed after using this, and really it’s like $3.00 and I enjoy it more than some pricier masks.

Erica Wilson

Yeah, I’ve got a person on my list!  But she is a treasure, and I only discovered her this past month.  Erica Wilson is often called the Julia Child of embroidery and needlecraft.  That’s pretty apt, I guess.  She was a fiber artist in the second half of the 20th century, and incredibly prolific.  I purchased two of her embroidery books off of Amazon for almost nothing, and they are so charming!  Her voice and style are so lovely and pleasantly dated–think 60s and 70s wall hangings, owl themes, a palette of goldenrod, avocado and chocolate brown.  She had a public television series called ‘Erica’, and a few clips are available on YouTube.  It is so oddly soothing to watch, I wish there were more!  Anyway, if you’re interested in fiber arts of the past, she’s your girl.  

What nice things did you try or discover in January?  


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