collective consciousness

Mother.  The word feels differently for different people.  Does it evoke warmth, safety?  Is it itchy or uncomfortable?  Does it seem rigid and constraining?  There are so many types of mothers, so many ways of mothering.  We are all so different, so unique in our own realities–but every human ever to exist shares one commonality:  we are deeply shaped by our mothers.

Mothers (and parenting philosophies in general) have varied from generation to generation.  There’s the classic housewife, of course.  She’s wearing a clean, starched apron and she’s happy to be using cleaning products advertised in women’s magazines.  There’s the Power Mom, zipping to work and changing out of her Reeboks and into heels once she’s in her office.  There’s the harried mother of ten who sticks her curler-clad head out the front door to yell at her brood to come in for supper.  We all know the endlessly patient Earth Mama who somehow swears that coconut oil and bone broth will stave off all colds.   Who is today’s mother?  She’s all across the board.  She’s all and none of the above.  The Internet has created a powerful collective consciousness for mothers, as they swap ideas and learn new techniques to better themselves and their children.

I’m ready to add my own little perspective into this melange.  If you’re reading this, chances are you already know me, or maybe you found me on Instagram.  I’d like to share my life with you, and add a bit of myself into that collective mothering consciousness that is growing larger every day.  Thanks for joining me!



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